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 Henderson/Las Vegas, Nevada 

Ira Smith
               Ira Smith - CFI  AGI
Safety  Representative -FAA
Evaluator / Instructor - AKC
National Tester / Observer - Alliance of Therapy Dogs
Provider Member International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
.......Training Dogs Since 1974

"best trainer in the Las Vegas area"

 “Thank you so much for your training for Michael McGee my Pug companion.  He has gone from a perfect pet to a close to perfect Service Dog.  Just a few more commands until his certification.  I searched High and Low to find a trainer qualified to train a Service Dog.  Ira Smith has trained Michael and also this human (yes, owners also get trained to the correct way to work the dog and acquire the skills necessary) I am proud to take Michael everywhere I go.  His behavior is awesome and Ira has capitalized on Michael's willingness to please in a profound way.  If you are looking for a  fabulous and certified trainer look no further.  You found him.”
Cynthia G. - Henderson

The K-9 Handler®  LLC

Our Speacialty is Behavior Modifications, Social Manners/Skills & Fundamental Obedience Training

Training & Certification for ADA Service Dogs (IAADP) & National Registration/Certification of Therapy Dogs (ATD)

Dogs are trained in Fundamental Obedience to a maximum proficiency level. On and off leash commands can be taught including sit, stay, down, heel, re-call, release, place, off, stop, turn work, plus  many more. This includes both verbal and hand commands. We work the dogs and train owners to continue working obedience with their dog during the training period. We establish bonding, proficiency, respect and control.
This is NOT shock collar training or 'treat training'. We use strict VERBAL discipline, Coaxing, and praise rewards. This is based on military/police style training which is second to none. Your dog will learn, obey, have fun and be happy from the first lesson.
With over 45 years of training experience, and no need to invest in additional equipment, The K-9 Handler® training is the best value around.

Heel, Stop and Sit: Your dog will learn to walk along side of you (no pulling) and will stop next to you when you stop. That is still the Heel position. Eventually your dog will learn to sit when coming to a stop. The command for sit is also taught separate.

Down: The Down command teaches your dog respect and patience. It builds alertness and restricts anticipation. Down is probably the hardest for the dog to transition to and from.

Stay and Come (Return) : The Stay command helps in many ways-keeping your dog from bolting, rushing for the dog bowl, jumping and other reinforement uses. The re-call command to come back will be synonymous with Heel.

These are just basic commands. Dozens more complex commands are taught as the dog progresses.

The K-9 Handler® Is still 'The Best' dog trainer in the valley and will prove our skills beyond your expectations.

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*DISCLAIMER: The quality of The K-9 Handler® remains consistently high and is guaranteed, however, dog training will not always provide exact results. Each dog is different in regards to temperament, ability, background, and intelligence. The K-9 Handler® makes no expressed or implied guarantee to the level of competency reached by your dog. It is the owner’s responsibility to continue lifelong training with his/her dog to reach the highest proficiency attainable. Please note that obedience training will not alleviate, solve or address any neurotic, psychological, or mental problems - just like in humans.