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 Henderson/Las Vegas, Nevada 

Ira Smith
               Ira Smith - CFI  AGI
Safety  Representative -FAA
Evaluator / Instructor - AKC
National Tester / Observer - Alliance of Therapy Dogs
Provider Member International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
.......Training Dogs Since 1974

"best trainer in the Las Vegas area"

 “Thank you so much for your training for Michael McGee my Pug companion.  He has gone from a perfect pet to a close to perfect Service Dog.  Just a few more commands until his certification.  I searched High and Low to find a trainer qualified to train a Service Dog.  Ira Smith has trained Michael and also this human (yes, owners also get trained to the correct way to work the dog and acquire the skills necessary) I am proud to take Michael everywhere I go.  His behavior is awesome and Ira has capitalized on Michael's willingness to please in a profound way.  If you are looking for a  fabulous and certified trainer look no further.  You found him.”
Cynthia G. - Henderson

Dog training Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Train My Dog?
Every owner and dog will benefit from training. The time spent together will form a close bond and build respect between them and help teach the dog what is expected. Imagine never having rules as a child, and then being yelled at as a teenager for doing something you had always done!

Is Training Good For All Dogs?
Yes, all dogs can reap the rewards of training! With training, dogs know their social standing within the family and that leads to a calm, confident and well-adjusted dog. A dog with training will want to pay attention to its owner and respond to voice and hand signals. When a dog has had training, the owner and other family members tend to spend a lot of time interacting with the dog.

How Does Training Affect A Dog's Health?
Training has been proven to be healthy for humans and dogs! Many behavior problems stem from lack of exercise. When people are asked why they didn't exercise their dog, the answer invariably centers around their lack of ability to control the dog beyond the boundaries of their own home.

How Soon Do I Begin Training? 
You can begin training a new puppy or dog as soon as you bring it home. By beginning with a few simple skills, you will be a step ahead of any problem. You can address behavioral problems as they arise and correct salutation before they manifest into other problems.

What is the difference between training a dog and instruction?
A trainer just trains a dog which is easy. the dog spends a month with a trainer and the dog will obey the trainer. Once the dog is home and the owner does not know the same methods that the trainer used or the same commands he will figure out very quickly that you do not know what you are doing and that is where problems begin. And instructor on the other hand will teach you how to train your dog.

Which Breed Should I Choose? 
Selecting the correct breed for you and your family is critical! Know before you get a dog, what to expect and what to look for when choosing a new puppy. I can help you with that choice.

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