K9 Handler 



 Henderson/Las Vegas, Nevada 

Ira Smith
               Ira Smith - CFI  AGI
Safety  Representative -FAA
Evaluator / Instructor - AKC
National Tester / Observer - Alliance of Therapy Dogs
Provider Member International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
.......Training Dogs Since 1974

"best trainer in the Las Vegas area"

 “Thank you so much for your training for Michael McGee my Pug companion.  He has gone from a perfect pet to a close to perfect Service Dog.  Just a few more commands until his certification.  I searched High and Low to find a trainer qualified to train a Service Dog.  Ira Smith has trained Michael and also this human (yes, owners also get trained to the correct way to work the dog and acquire the skills necessary) I am proud to take Michael everywhere I go.  His behavior is awesome and Ira has capitalized on Michael's willingness to please in a profound way.  If you are looking for a  fabulous and certified trainer look no further.  You found him.”
Cynthia G. - Henderson

The K-9 Handler®  LLC

Certified Professional Dog Training

Obedience, Behavior Modification,

 Therapy, and AKC Socialization

'A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog' 

*Dogs are trained in fundamental obedience to a maximum proficiency level.

This is not just dog training. It's your education as an Owner/Handler to be trained for all the dogs you'll ever have.

You're Guaranteed to learn !

        Obedience, Behavior, Socialization, Therapy

*Initial Service Call:

Evaluation & Training  2-3 hrs

Included in all packages

$      199.00 

Basics - Fundamental Instruction

6    Sessions


                          ADD +

6 Group Gatherings



*Puppy - Adult Fundamentals Personal Instruction:

Basics of Communication-Socialization- Behavioral Therapy's-Proper Manners

10  Sessions +

15 Group Gatherings


*Advanced Obedience Skills

 Interactions  +  Socialization, Patience & Behavioral Modifications & Drive Therapy

15  Sessions  +

 Full Season Group Gatherings


Other Hourly Training without package

 *all prices subject to change


All Training Includes A.K.C. Title Certifications

Therapy Dog Teams Certified through

Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD)

Hdq. Cheyenne WY                                                                 N/C


* Additional Travel & Fuel Surcharges may apply on Service Calls and all packages.

FULL payment for Package Paid before training commenses. 

We accept  Zelle; Check; Cash or Credit Cards-  (credit cards accessed 2.8% additional)

   * Completed sessions prorated at hourly rate for cancellation of package*

All training is customized and tailored to specific needs of dog and individual handlers

*Excludes Wild Animals (wolves) & Overly  Driven or Aggressive or Emotionally Neurotic Dogs


Service Dogs of Southern Nevada

The K-9 Handler® LLC is a PROVIDER MEMBER of IAADP
International Association of Assistance Dog Partners

We Adhere to and Support these Training Standards:


International Association of Assistance Dog Partners

Fundamental Training, Public Access Certification & Task Orientation for:

  Neurological Grounding; PTSD; TBI; DID;

Agoraphobia; Retrieval; Neurological Sensory Alert & Mitigation;

Partial Deafness or Blindness; Mobility; Directional Guidance; Ataxia Balance/Stability. 

The K-9 Handler® will train you and your dog for less time and expense !

All Service Dog packages custom tailored to meet the needs of you and your dog.

Includes All Training, Testing & Applicable Certifications

*Minimum Starting Training Fee     

   *(Over 1 yr. old)       6  Blocks           $  4,800

    *(Under 1 Yr. old)   7 Blocks            $  5,600  *

*Includes Personal 1 on 1 Training, Groups & Gatherings

Additional Blocks (4 sessions) $ 800 each as needed.

 Approximate Service Dog Training Time  is 1 Year ±


*Excludes Wild Animals (wolves) & Overly Driven, Aggressive or Emotionally Neurotic Dogs

Rates & Packages Subject to Change* (12023)

*DISCLAIMER: The quality of The K-9 Handler® remains consistently high and is guaranteed, however, dog training will not always provide exact results. Each dog is different in regards to temperament, ability, background, intelligence and owner handling. The K-9 Handler® makes no expressed or implied guarantee to the level of competency reached by your dog. It is the handler/owner’s responsibility to continue lifelong training with his/her dog to reach the highest proficiency attainable. Please note that obedience training will not alleviate, solve or address any neurotic, psychological, or mental problems - just like with humans.