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 Henderson/Las Vegas, Nevada 

Ira Smith
               Ira Smith - CFI  AGI
Safety  Representative -FAA
Evaluator / Instructor - AKC
National Tester / Observer - Alliance of Therapy Dogs
Provider Member International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
.......Training Dogs Since 1974

"best trainer in the Las Vegas area"

 “Thank you so much for your training for Michael McGee my Pug companion.  He has gone from a perfect pet to a close to perfect Service Dog.  Just a few more commands until his certification.  I searched High and Low to find a trainer qualified to train a Service Dog.  Ira Smith has trained Michael and also this human (yes, owners also get trained to the correct way to work the dog and acquire the skills necessary) I am proud to take Michael everywhere I go.  His behavior is awesome and Ira has capitalized on Michael's willingness to please in a profound way.  If you are looking for a  fabulous and certified trainer look no further.  You found him.”
Cynthia G. - Henderson

Professional Dog Training Tips

  1. Get the dog to love you. All future training depends on this.
  2. Never chastise or scold him unnecessarily - only immediately after an accident. Never scold him if you are not sure the dog understood perfectly what was wanted of him. Deliberate disobedience must be instantly dealt with.
  3. Remember a dog cannot ask questions, neither can he understand what you say. (Just as you cannot understand most foreign languages.) Success of a trainer depends on being able to make a dog understand what he has to do and then to instill that into his brain until it becomes like an instinct.
  4. Always use kindness unless you are sure that by being unkind for a very short period you will save the dog prolonged unkindness at a later state. Be decisive, firm and most important of all, be sure that you know exactly what you want and how it should be done.
  5. Never try and teach a dog anything until you yourself have a thorough knowledge of how to teach it and a clear mental picture of the outcome. Above all, never attempt anything if you have the slightest fear of getting lost.

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'#A Trained Dog is A Happy Dog '

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"We bought a puppy! It was only exciting until we got home and realized how much work was involved. We contacted Ira and he was quick to respond, friendly, and came over promptly. We are only one lesson into our training and already see a marked improvement! Ira is so patient with us and our rambunctious puppy. I look forward to his continued guidance and skill turning our Tasmanian devil into a good canine citizen."  Amy J. - Henderson NV

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